Re: [xep-support] display-align problems

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 00:57:03 PDT

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    Hello Wick,

    In your example you have table with only one table cell without any
    dimensions specified. In such a case table will shrink to minimum necessary
    size to accommodate it's content. display-align would not have
    any effect since where is no empty space in block progression
    dimension. In this particular case 'centering' effect is just a result
    of placement 9pt high text in 50pt high line.
    I suppose you wanted to have 50pt high table cell with 9pt high text
    aligned at the bottom. To achieve this you should wrap you fo:table-cell
    in fo:table-row with height="50pt" instead of line-height. Take a
    look at example below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <fo:root xmlns:fo="">
                 <fo:simple-page-master master-name="test-master" >
                        <fo:region-body region-name="region-body"/>
           <fo:page-sequence master-reference="test-master">
                 <fo:flow flow-name="region-body">
                        <fo:table font-size="9pt">
                                     <fo:table-row height="50pt">
                                             <fo:table-cell display-align="after" border="1.0pt solid black">
                                                              I expect this text to appear
                                                              at the bottom of the cell.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    WS> The book "XSL-FO" published by O'Reilly instructs that to align text in
    WS> the bottom of a table cell I should specify the following cell
    WS> attribute:
    WS> display-align="after"
    WS> I've tried this and no matter what value I specify for the
    WS> "display-align" attribute, my text is always vertically centered The
    WS> XEP spec sheet shows that display-align is supported so please let me
    WS> know if this is not what "display-align" does or if I am somehow
    WS> mis-using it.
    WS> I will include an example below.
    WS> Thanks.
    WS> -Wick Swain
    WS> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    WS> <!-- I expect this to place text at the bottom of the table cell, but it
    remains centered -->>
    WS> <fo:root xmlns:fo="">
    WS> <fo:layout-master-set>
    WS> <fo:simple-page-master master-name="test-master" >
    WS> <fo:region-body region-name="region-body"/>
    WS> </fo:simple-page-master>
    WS> </fo:layout-master-set>
    WS> <fo:page-sequence master-reference="test-master">
    WS> <fo:flow flow-name="region-body">
    WS> <fo:table font-size="9pt" line-height="50pt">
    WS> <fo:table-column/>
    WS> <fo:table-body>
    WS> <fo:table-cell display-align="after"
    WS> border="1.0pt solid black">
    WS> <fo:block>I expect this text to
    WS> appear at the bottom of the cell, but it is vertically centered
    WS> instead</fo:block>
    WS> </fo:table-cell>
    WS> </fo:table-body>
    WS> </fo:table>
    WS> </fo:flow>
    WS> </fo:page-sequence>
    WS> </fo:root>

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