[xep-support] Feature suggestion

From: Jim Melton (jim.melton@acm.org)
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 15:41:47 PDT

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    Today, I generate (create XML, transform to XSL FO, render to PDF)
    documents with multiple page-numbering schemes. For example, a
    hypothetical document's pages might begin with page "i" (the cover page)
    and continue through page "x", then start renumbering at page "1" and
    continue through page "220". Those are the values that I print at the
    bottom of each page.

    When I open the PDF file generated by XEP 3.2.2 in Acrobat, the "page
    number" box at the lower left of the Acrobat window indicates (in my
    hypothetical example) pages 1 through 230 instead of i through x and 1
    through 220.

    Of course, I can manually renumber using Acrobat's Document -> Number Pages
    capability so the display in that "page number" box matches the page number
    printed at the bottom of each page, but that's tedious and a bit error prone.

    Is it possible for XEP to generate PDF with the pages already properly
    numbered from Acrobat's point of view?

    If that capability is already available, I cannot find it. If not, could
    it be provided?

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