Re: [xep-support] Second attempt: PDF file property "Created" not being set

From: Jim Melton (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 16:23:32 PST

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    At 00:02 2003-04-04 +0400 Friday, Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:
    >Hi Jim,
    > > (This is a second attempt to get a response to my question, first sent out
    > > on 19 March. Replies appreciated!)
    >(We missed that. I am sorry.)

    No get tons of email and your response time is almost always
    extremely good.

    > > However, the Created field seems to always be garbage, while the Modified
    > > date seems to contain the date that the PDF was created.
    >I could not reproduce the effect. In the code, we set only the /Created
    >field; and Acrobat (both 4 and 5) has no problems to decipher it.
    >If I remember correctly, you run some extra PDF optimizer after
    >XEP - could it be that the optimizer sets /Modified to its own date,
    >and mangles /Created?

    In fact, I don't run any PDF optimizations after XEP. What I sometimes do
    is renumber the pages, especially if I need to put a separately-generated
    cover page in front of the document and so forth. But the symptom that I
    described occurs whether I do the page renumbering or not.

    In particular, a document that I created about 10 days ago was created
    using XEP 3.2.2 Client, which generated PDF 1.4 output. When I open that
    document and invoke File | Document | Summary, the Document Summary box
    includes these two lines:
        Created: 0xxxx 00:00:00
    (where each "x" is really a hollow square box indicating that I don't have
    a font installed that has that character in it)
        Modified: 2003-03-25 20:21:43

    >One possible reason may be that we use Unicode to encode all strings,
    >including dates. (This is not strictly necessary, but didn't cause
    >any problems so far). Could you please turn off Unicode support
    >in annotations, e.g. by adding <?xep-pdf-unicode-annotations false?>
    >before <fo:root>, and retry your tests?

    Wow! That solved the problem! I re-generated the exact same document
    using the identical .fo file, except that I put the PI into it immediately
    before fo:root. The result, when I open the document and invoke File |
    Document | Summary is a Document Summary box in which those two lines read:
        Created: 2003-04-03 05:18:33
        Modified: Not available

    Now, the remaining problem is that the Created *time* is off by 12
    hours! At the time I generated the document, the actual time (according to
    my computer!) was 17:18, not 05:18. I suspect that you're using a 12-hour
    timeclock representation and not outputting AM or PM, but I would strongly
    prefer that you use a 24-hour timeclock representation.

    >If it solves the problem, it will
    >mean that we have to write dates in PDFEncoding in all cases - an easy fix
    >to be done in the next maintenance release. But if the problem
    >persists, I would like to have a look at a sample PDF file.

    Looks like that was the solution, so I'll await a fix in the next
    maintenance release. (No rush...minor problem, of course.)

    Many thanks!
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