[xep-support] RFC: Alternate XEP Wrapper for UNIX

From: Peter Bray (xep-support@illumino.com.au)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 17:13:19 PST

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    Greetings All,

            Attached is an alternate wrapper script for XEP 3.x (for systems
    using the *.sh scripts). I would greatly appreciate if others could
    comment on it, suggest enhancements etc, so that one day it might be
    considered a suitable replacement for the current shell scripts supplied
    with XEP.

    My drivers for writing a replacement including:

            - The ability to have a generic script in my PATH which
              can handle any version of XEP.
            - Better naming convention for the XEP entry points.
              ( I use XEP from GNU Make files and like them to be
              both XEP version independent and as clear as possible )
            - Support for java memory options to be specified at run-time.
            - Support for concurrent installation of XEP (ie multiple versions
              - which is actually better supported in the original version
              of the script - see the later part of the attached file)
            - Bug that *.sh script do not get the executable bit set on

    Possible issues with the current release:

            - May have to set JAVA_HOME to XEP_JAVA_HOME (this is not
              required for Sun JDK 1.3/1.4 on Solaris Intel - your mileage
              may vary)
            - Removal of support for com.render.xep.Driver
            - Additional error catching code to support other systems
              (or to catch assumptions I've made which may not be true)


            - Place the script in a directory in your PATH
            - Make it executable (chmod +x xep-wrapper)
            - Create symlinks to it as described at the top of the script
            - Update the variables in the configuration section for your site
            - Execute in debugging mode first to validate the
              constructed command line. Example:
                    DO=echo xep-xsldriver -fo <my_fo_filename>
            - Execute the command for real and validate the results
            - Experiment with the environment variables:

            The following is an example of a command line generated by my

    XEP_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx150m -Xms150m" xep-xsldriver -fo SystemAdministration.fo-saxon-xep

    Comments and suggestions most welcome,

    Peter Bray
    Sydney, Australia

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