[xep-support] XEP 3.3.x problem w/ list-block

From: Johann Richard (Johann.richard@dspfactory.ch)
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 01:27:22 PST

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    I have a problem w/ XEP 3.3.x (Stamped Client) on <fo:list-block/>
    elements, of which I think it might be a bug in XEP 3.3.x.

    I use Norm Walsh's DocBook XSLT 1.56.0 files to create PDF's. (However,
    I think, the version of the XSLT's doesn't matter).

    If I process the following small section w/ these files, and run the
    resulting XSL:FO through XEP, I get very weird output. It seems as if
    the <fo:list-item-body/> element did not get enough place to be rendered
    as it should be.

    <!-- snip -->
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE section SYSTEM "docbookx.dtd">
    <section> <title>Title</title>
                    <term>instr(&lt;instr&gt;)</term><listitem> <simplelist
    type="vert" columns="5">
    0</computeroutput></member> <member><computeroutput>res:
                      1</computeroutput></member> </simplelist>
    <!-- snip! -->


    [1] When I use XEP 3.2.x, the same generated FO renders beautifully. (I
    added an example as PDF).
    [2] When I remove the "provisional-distance-between-starts", then the
    label (obviously) is narrowed in its width, but the body renders
    [3] When I *change* the "provisional-distance-between-starts" to some
    smaller values, I can see how the list-body items start to unwrap to
    eventually be completely on one line (as expected). Again, the label is
    narrowed in its width.
    [4] Strange: If I display the PDF in Acrobat Reader 5.1.0, I can see the
    "set:" and "res:" text displayed *right-to-left* above the "0"es. If I,
    however, zoom in above 111%, the "set:" and "res:" text is not anymore
    displayed(!). In Acrobat 4, this doesn't happen, instead the "set:" and
    "res:" text is always displayed *right-to-left* above the "0"es. Might
    be an Acrobat Reader issue, though.
    [5] I use W2K, JVM 1.4.1 from SUN
    [6] For your convenience, I added the XML, the FO file as well as the
    generated PDF's.
    [7] The "zvon.fo" is a much simpler FO example from ZVON.org that
    renders OK both in XEP 3.3.x and XEP 3.2.3.

    QUESTION: Might this be a bug in XEP or do I need to customize Norm's
    Stylesheets (that worked well until now)? From my understanding, the FO
    that is generated by Norm's XSLT Stylesheets is "compliant", although a
    *bit* complex sometimes. It might however be, that there is some
    non-compliant output, or that I missed something important.

    Did anyone else see this "out in the wild"? Any comment or hint or
    solution appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Johann Richard

    Johann Richard
    IC & DSP Design Engineer
    Dspfactory SA
    Champs-Montants 12a
    2074 Marin-Epagnier

    Tel: +41 32 755 7462
    Fax: +41 32 755 7401
    e-mail: mailto:johann.richard@dspfactory.ch

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