Re: [xep-support] A couple of newbie questions

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 14:16:38 PST

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    Hi Wick,

    > In case it matters, I am using the
    > com.renderx.xep.Driver.render(Document, String)
    > method when this behavior occurs

    A general comment: SAX-based interfaces are more natural
    for XEP, more efficient, and less subject to problems like
    yours. DOM interfaces for XEP are secondary, derived
    from SAX ones using a tree walker. If you are using XEP
    to process data from a file, then SAX is definitely the
    recommended option. DOM is only useful when you
    construct document trees directly in memory.

    > 1. Using the server version I am now forced to use the "fo:" namespace
    > For example, I originally specified
    > <root xmlns=>
    > But I am now forced to specify
    > <fo:root xmlns:fo="">
    > and place fo: in front of all of my tags

    The same parser is used by default in the evaluation version
    and in the server one (unless you reset it to something different).
    However, all command-line tools use SAX-based interfaces,
    not DOM-based ones.

    Looks like your parser does not convey namespace
    information to the DOM tree if the prefix is empty.
    How do you construct your DOM tree object?
    Which DOM implementation are you using?

    (Note that the resolution of this problem is outside
    XEP scope: we cannot control the way DOM object
    is built).

    > 2. Any image files I refer to in my .fo document assume
    > a default directory of %XEP_HOME%. As I watch the
    > output from the renderer it is specifying a system-id
    > of %XEP_HOME%\DOM.source. How do I specify
    > a different system-id?

    DOM sources cannot have a system ID, so XEP uses a
    default directory (specified in BASE option) for all
    relative URLs. You can set this directory to anything
    you want, by specifying Java system property
    com.renderx.xep.BASE or adding a record to etc/xep.xml
    configuration file. Please refer to the User Guide
    for more information about XEP options.

    BTW: SAX input doesn't have this problem: information
    about file location is preserved in the System ID, and all
    relative URLs can be correctly resolved with respect
    to the actual file location.

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev

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