Re: [xep-support] still struggling image span

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 20:41:40 PST

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    > Hi David thanks for your reply.
    > Ive created a code sample as small as possible. There are two files one a
    > sample XML, two the XSL Im trying to create. The template match on image
    > with a block that spans both columns. I understand I cant do this but it may
    > give some idea of what Im trying to achieve.


    according to XSL FO Recommendation, span="all" is apllied only to
    top-level blocks (children of fo:flow). In your example blocks with
    span="all" are nested within anothe fo:block.

    I suggest that you modify your stylesheet in a way to place spanned
    blocks at the flow level.


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