RE: [xep-support] Nesting indents

From: Jeff Beal (
Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 10:36:00 PST

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    I've been able to get the desired effect using margin-left="0.25in" (no
    functions) on all nested blocks. The margin is computed from the containing
    block, so each nested list-block is indented relative to its parent.

    Jeff Beal

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    From: Lori Wong []
    Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 12:12 PM
    Subject: [xep-support] Nesting indents

    I would like to nest indenting for list blocks so that if a list occurs
    within a list, the child list gets indented relative to the previous one.
    As in,

       - List 1 item 1
       - List 1 item 2
            - List 2 item 1
            - List 2 item 2
               - List 3 item 1
               - List 3 item 2
            - List 2 item 3
       - List 1 item 3

    I have tried to use start-indent to do this as follows:
       provisional-distance-between-starts="1.15in" text-align="left"
       font-size="12pt" line-height="16pt"

    however, XEP generates warnings that look like:
    {?Bad attribute start-indent: Cannot add type Word to type Length}
    which I assume has to do with trying to add the value
    from-parent(start-indent) with a length value such as the .25in.

    If I use a fixed length here, such as the .25in, I do not get the error
    messages. Similarly, I can just use the from-parent(start-indent).
    However, in both cases, I do not get the nested indenting that I desire.

    It may be that I'm attempting to use the from-parent(start-indent)
    incorrectly. Does anyone have a solution for handling the nested indents
    (where I don't have to put in fixed values for the subsequent levels of list
    blocks)? My list items tend to span more than one line, so I need to
    specify an indent for the entire block rather than just the first line.


    - Lori
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