Re: [xep-support] Adobe Glyph List question

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 14:14:39 PST

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    Hi Werner,

    > The AGL is hard-wired in XEP. Because the AGL contains
    > more than one glyph name for a number of Unicode code points,
    > it is possible some glyphs in a font can't be found.
    > If the font uses for example "Ohm" instead of "Omega", then the look-up
    > might fail if XEP uses "Omega" for code point 0x2126. Does XEP try
    > all the matching glyph names for a Unicode code point?

    You probably refer to AGL 2.0, published in September 2002.
    Hardwired in XEP is AGL 1.2; no glyph named "Ohm" was listed
    there. Moreover, AGL 1.2 had inverse duplicates: two Unicodes
    might correspond to a single glyph name, but not vice versa.

    Migrating to AGL 2.0 is not a mechanical task: there are too may
    incompatible changes there. To stay with your example: AGL 1.2
    recommended "Omega" for both 0x2126 (Ohm sign) and 0x03A9
    (Greek capital omega). AGL 2.0 has "Ohm" and "Omega" as
    synonyms for 0x2126, and prescribes "Omegagreek" for 0x03A9.
    We definitely plan to shift to 2.0 in some not very distant future;
    but it requires some caution, and will inevitably take more time.


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