Re: [xep-support] baseline alignment problem

From: Chris Branch (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 07:16:07 PST

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    >1. Specify equal line height and font-height stacking strategy for
    >both line-item-label and line-item-body. The baseline will be at
    >the same level.

    I'm interpreting this as:

        <fo:list-item-label line-stacking-strategy="font-height" ...>
        <fo:list-item-body line-stacking-strategy="font-height" ...>

    This does indeed line up the baselines, but also causes lines to overlap
    the previous line. I'm not sure what you mean by "equal line height."
    I'd like line heights to be calculated based on the height of the
    font(s) actually required for that line (like the default).

    >2. Use fo:leader with fixed length and pattern="use-content" to
    >place label's text. Equal effect and less overhead.

    OK, you lost me here. Just for fun, I tried:

    <fo:block font-family="Times" font-size="11pt">
       <fo:leader leader-length.optimum=".5in"
    leader-pattern="use-content">1.</fo:leader>Here is
            the content that goes in this space. Some parts of the
            content may have a <fo:inline font-size="24pt">larger</fo:inline>
            font size, which can change where the baseline is positioned.

    but this renders as "1.1.1. Here is..." (as the XSL documentation seems
    to indicate that it should.) I suspect you're talking about combining
    <fo:list-item-label> and <fo:leader> in some way, but I can't come up
    with a combination that generates the desired layout with XEP. To
    recap, I'm looking for outdented labels that are also right justified,
    where the label's baseline always lines up with the body's baseline).
    Maybe you could provide a small example?

    >While relative-align is a good thing, ...
    >there are equally good and predictable substitutes.

    Since I'm new to XSL-FO and XEP, I can't really argue this point :-).
    But on the other hand I haven't had much luck in finding said substitute
    in this case.

    Thanks for your help.

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