Re: [xep-support] OpenType font embedding in PDF causing Postcript printers to crash

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 14:30:47 PST

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    > (among other things) I need to run through a PostScript printer. The PDF
    > passes preflights, prints fine on an HP PCL printer but causes
    > PostScript printers to crash and crashes Acrobat when I "save as"
    > PostScript. My speculation is that there is something wrong in the
    > embedding.

    Dear Ken,

    would be very helpful to have:

    1) exact diagnostics by Acrobat (if it crashes, then it is an Acrobat bug, isn't it --
    but we are still ready and willing to try and find a solution)
    2) a test sample consisting of
       - source .fo
       - font set and configuration
       - produced pdf.

    If you can provide us with the sample, please
    -- try to keep it as small as possible (I am behind a slow link)
    -- send it off-list to (and disregard the autoreply if you get it --
    we'll receive your message anyway)

    Thank you,
    David Tolpin
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