[xep-support] xep.xml - configuration

From: Johann Richard (Johann.richard@dspfactory.ch)
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 06:00:59 PST

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    I have a problem w/ XEP when I want to use (completely) other directories than the install provides.

    XEP 3.2 stamped (also w/ older versions, like v3.16 (Actually, the v3.17 jar w/ -version :)
    W2K SP2
    Sun JVM 1.4.0

    I have the following directory structure on my drive:

     +-- conf
     +-- images
     +-- jar
     +-- metrics/
     +-- metrics/fonts
     +-- metrics/hyphen

    Moreover, I have the following XEP.xml:

    <config xmlns="http://www.renderx.com/XEP/config">
      <option name="OUTPUT_PRODUCER" value="com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PDF"/>
      <option name="HYPHENATOR" value="com.renderx.xep.cmp.TeXHyphenator"/>
      <option name="FONTLIST" value="~/metrics/fonts.xml"/>
      <option name="METRICS" value="~/metrics/fonts"/>
      <option name="HYPHENLIST" value="~/metrics/hyphens.xml"/>
      <option name="HYPHENS" value="~/metrics/hyphen"/>
      <option name="VALIDATE" value="true"/>
      <option name="LICENSE" value="~/conf/license.txt"/>
      <option name="TMPDIR" value="~/tmp"/>
      <option name="BROKENIMAGE" value="~/images/404.gif"/>

    If I run XEP from the command-line, specifying the ROOT and CONFIG options correctly, either as System properties or parameters for XEP(!):

    XEP_HOME: M:/xml/customizations
    XEP_OPT: -DROOT=%XEP_HOME% -DCONFIG=~/conf/xep.xml
    [or also putting M:/xml/customization/conf/xep.xml, etc ... ]
    [java stuff] com.renderx.xep.Driver %XEP_OPT%

    I get the following error:
    cannot parse '~\etc\xep.xml' as URL

    I tried putting the "file:///" URI style, backslashes, forward slashes and so forth, but I always get this errror. When I put the xep.xml in a "etc" directory under "XEP_HOME", it starts complaining about the fonts.xml, hyphen.xml, license.txt and so forth. When I put all these files into a XEP_HOME/etc, it works fine.

    I tried setting all the FONTLIST, HYPHENLIST, LICENSE parameters & config values as SYS Props, parameters to the driver etc. but it always failed w/ this "cannot parse '~\etc\<foo>' as URL" error.

    Could it be, that XEP looks *first* for this '~/etc/' directory before takin into account the command-line parameters/properties? (When I put an invalid parameter for XEP, like -DBROOT=%XEP_HOME%, it will only complain about "unrecognized option BROOT, skipping" when I have setup the '~/ect/*.xml' files.]

    [N.B. I could add these directories, of course, but I'd rather like to use *my* directory structure, of course.]

    Any idea or hint, if it's me or XEP that does wrong? (Naturally, I'd say it is me, but I really have the impression I tried all possibilities to force XEP to understand my directory structure :)

    Best regards,
    johann richard

    PS: Great that V3.2 has PDF capabilities and is a free update! Thanks so much!

    Johann Richard
    IC & DSP Design Engineer
    Dspfactory SA
    Champs-Montants 12a
    2074 Marin-Epagnier

    Tel: +41 32 755 7400
    Fax: +41 32 755 7401
    e-mail: mailto:johann.richard@dspfactory.ch

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