Re: [xep-support] Exit codes for XEP?

From: Johann Richard (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 09:37:04 PST


> Is it convenient to have just one OK (0) and one exit (1) code?

For me, that's just fine. If there's an error, I gonna check the log, I

> The current code has a detailed table of exit codes (they are just
> not used with XSLDriver properly) but the longer I look at it
> the more get I convinced this is useless.

I could imagine that for an application where you call the API directly from
your JAVA code, you'd maybe like to take some action, based on the error
code? But maybe XSLDriver isn't the right place for that, and you use
exceptions for that, anyway? (I'm not (yet ;) an API user.)

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