Re: [xep-support] Exit codes for XEP?

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 06:11:56 PST

> Hi,
> I use XEP quite a bit now, and there is one thing I miss: UNIX-like exit codes:
> Take, for example, a non-valid XSL:FO file as input: With the "VALIDATE=true" option set, XEP will produce an error and quit. One would expect that XEP also sets an appropriate Error Code upon this Exit, but appearently it doesn't. (If I missed *this* one, I apologize).
> This way, "make" will, for example, not delete the (empty) PDF that was produced by XEP when it was called by "make" and quit because of an error, and therefore, subsequent "make" runs will quit saying "file.pdf is up to date".
> So, having this feature added in an upcoming release would probably benefit quite a few people.

Good point. Do you mean XSLDriver? Will be in the next release.

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