Re: [xep-support] Flush unprocessed floats

From: Gustaf Liljegren (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 05:21:36 PST

Matthias wrote:

>The documents I process have several sections and float figures.
>However I do not want that floats from section 1 appear in section 2.
>How do I achieve this? Using a new page-sequence is out of the
>question since I don't want section 2 to start on a new page.

Maybe you're looking for the 'clear' property? This works for me:

<fo:float float="left">
<fo:block clear="both"/>

I think the spec is unclear about where 'clear' is allowed, but I've
verified that this works, while <fo:leader clear="both"/> or <fo:float
clear="both"/> doesn't.

The description of 'clear' says it applies to all "block-level elements".
If that is the same thing as "block-level formatting object" then XEP does
the right thing (only fo:block and fo:block-container belongs to
block-level formatting objects). On the other hand, fo:float also has the
'clear' property, but fo:float is not a block-level formatting object.


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