[xep-support] Postscript output and page defaults (setpagedevice)

From: Peter Bray (XEP-Support@illumino.com.au)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 05:14:02 PST


        I have question regarding the postscript produced by XEP (Client)
3.12 in my case on Solaris 8 (INTEL) with JDK 1.4.1 (but I doubt that its
platform specific).

        I have generated Level 2 Postscript for my HP LaserJet 4000DN with
the following command line: (xep is a trivial wrapper of run.sh & friends)

xep -DOUTPUT_PRODUCER=com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PS
-DH4PS.LANGLEVEL=2 AllManualPages.fo-saxon-xep
[input AllManualPages.fo-saxon-xep]
[output AllManualPages.ps]

        When I send it to the printer using LPRng (lpr -Pduplex file.ps),
I get single-sided output being produced (oh... the trees yell in pain),
the "duplex" printer is configured to setup duplex printing correctly and
works with all standard postscript I've sent it is the pass four years :-)

        Looking at the generated postscript I find the following (or
simailar) at the beginning of each page:

%%Page: 1 1
/PageOffset [0 0]
/Margins [ 0 0 ]
/PageSize [595.276 841.89]
/ManualFeed false
/Duplex false
/MirrorPrint false
/NegativePrint false
/Collate false
/NumCopies 1
>> setpagedevice

        The question I have is why does the generated postscript need to
have many of the attributes in the above code including:
        /ManualFeed, /Duplex and maybe even /Collate and /NumCopies

        I run the XEP Postscript though Ghostscript's "ps2ps
-dLanguageLevel=2" and the output generated printed as expected (ie
duplexed) but ghostscript ps destroys the shaded verbatim sections and
does not print all the document. (I'm writing DocBook 4.2 XML refentry(s))

        I also looked though the PostScript Language Reference Manual, and
gee has Postscript got a lot more complex then when I learnt it over 15
years ago. Unfortunately I don't have any real ideas on the correct way to
remedy the problem I'm describing, a quick search and replace of false
with true on the /Duplex entry did not improve the situation, hey I had to
at least try ;-)

        So I'm going to leave this as simple report, sorry I could not be
more helpful, by providing a solution as well.

Peter Bray
Sydney, Australia

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