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From: David Tolpin (dvd@renderx.com)
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 20:42:25 PST

Forwarded message:
> I don't think xep supports zero-width spaces. I use <fo:character character=" " font-size="0pt" treat-as-word-space="true"/> when I need one (e.g. to create a hyphenless hyphen in a long url or something).


XEP supports zero-width spaces correctly; the hyphenation algorithm
is internally based on them, some of our examples show their use.
But inserting a zero-width space does not make a block non-empty.

To draw a block without content but with a border place an empty
leader into a block.

To balance columns midway, insert an empty block with span="all". It works.

I will consider changing the behaviour, but really see no natural
use of borders on empty blocks, and tricky ways of their use have
less tricky workarounds without empty blocks.

David Tolpin
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