Re: [xep-support] Bug or Limitation in Font Configuration Processing?

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 04:32:16 PST

> Given this font configuration:
> <alias name="ja-short" font="KozMinPro"/>
> <alias name="ja" font="KozMinPro-Regular-Acro"/>
> <font name="KozMinPro-Regular-Acro"
> ttf="CIDFont/KozMinPro-Regular-Acro.otf"
> adobe-encoding="UniJIS-UCS2-H"
> adobe-ordering="Japan1"
> adobe-supplement="2"
> embed="false">
> <alias name="KozMinPro"/>
> </font>
> My expectation was that the font name "ja-short" would, through the
> aliases, map to KozMinPro-Regular-Acro. However, it does not appear to
> do so. That is, if I specify "ja-short" in font-family the font is not
> found, if I specify "ja", it is (of course). I couldn't find anything
> about this in the font configuration documentation.

font is a font's name, not an alias. A limitation indeed. Will be extended.

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