Re: [xep-support] Configuring Asian Fonts How-To

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 13:34:02 PST

Hi Eliot,

> <font name="STSongStd-Light-Acro"
> ttf="CIDFont/STSongStd-Light-Acro.otf"
> adobe-encoding="UniGB-UCS2-H"
> adobe-ordering="GB1"
> adobe-supplement="2"
> embed="false">
> <alias name="STSong"/>
> </font>
> The original fonts.xml didn't have the "Std" after "STSong" and didn't
> include the ".otf" extension (maybe the Unix versions don't have the
> extension?).

No, it is simply a descriptor for Acrobat 4.0 version of the font pack.
I realized that fonts.xml currently shipped misses descriptors for CJK
font packs for Acrobat 5.0: they are omitted by negligence. We will
put them back in the next release. Anyhow, you have made it correctly :-).

> One problem I'm now having is that my bullets are not rendering. That
> is, I have set the font globally to STSongStd-Light-Acro (specified on
> fo:root and not overridden anywhere). Blocks that contain &#x2022;
> (bullet) don't render a bullet. I assume that this is because the
> Acrobat fonts don't have a glyphs for that character, yes?

Yes. I have checked MS Hei and STSong from both versions of Acrobat;
none of them contains the bullet glyph. There is an easy method to determine
which glyphs are present in the font. With XEP's jar in the path, call this

   java com.renderx.adobe.AFM <TrueType/OpenType font file name>

It will list full results of font parsing, including the following:
- global font metrics data;
- license flags that control embedding, and a statement about embedding policy;
- for each glyph in the font:
        * Unicode codepoint;
        * glyph index (GID);
        * glyph advance width;
        * glyph bounding box.

(Note that for CJK fonts, the output may be quite long. It is printed to stderr;
I suggest capturing it to a file).

> I don't have this problem with XSL Formatter's rendering, presumably
> because it is using a Unicode font?

Most probably, they are using some kind of fallback font.

Best regards,

Nikolai Grigoriev

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