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From: W. Eliot Kimber (eliot@isogen.com)
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 08:45:42 PST

> Chris,
>> Does RenderX provide the code 39 Barcode? If not, will RenderX provide one
> in the near future?
> RenderX focuses on developing an XSL FO formatter. Barcodes is just an
> example of complex formatting technology, not our core business. We will
> implement more of barcode types when (and if) it will be helpful to promote
> our principal product, XEP.

Note that Code39 barcodes are easy to get with FO (or any other
composition system)--all it requires is having a Code 39 font. This is
because Code39 barcodes do not use checksums, so there is no need to
have code that will calculate checksums. There are several Code 39 font
vendors and they are all reasonably priced. (It would also be possible,
of course, to draw the barcode using FO, but that's more work than just
using a barcode font.)

For example, Azalea Software (www.azalea.com) provides a demo version of
their Code39 font for Windows.

To make this work with XEP, I added this clause to fonts.xml (having
installed the Code39 demo font from Azalea):

    <font name="Code39Demo"
    </font> -->

Here is the FO I generate:

<fo:block text-align="left">
     <fo:inline font-size="8pt" letter-spacing="7pt">
       <fo:inline baseline-shift="-2pt"
>198988001<fo:inline baseline-shift="-2pt"

I have attached the PDF result.



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