Re: [xep-support] block-container w/in basic-link doesn't result in working link

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 08:26:10 PST

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> In the attached FO sample, the third link sample uses a block-container
> inside an fo:basic-link to create an explicitly-sized "button". When I
> render with 3.03, the button link isn't active. I use just fo:block (not
> block-container), the link works. When I render this sample with XSL
> Formatter, the link works.

There was a a long and hot dispute a while ago on one of the list
regarding the exact area that must be made hot according to the recommendation.

The recommendation says that all 'containing' areas of a basic-link must
be made hot. In XEP's opinion, that's an inline.

XSL Formatter makes all _contained_ areas hot, but that poses a lot of questions,
such as whether absolute containers rooted at a basic-link, footnotes, floats
and other things should be made hot too. Set background-color on basic-link
to see what exactly is the clickable area.

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