[xep-support] Table Issues (fwd)

From: David Tolpin (dvd@renderx.com)
Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 21:41:19 PST

Hi Eliot,

> From: "W. Eliot Kimber" <eliot@isogen.com>
> To: xep-support@renderx.com
> Here are the possible problems I've identified, based on my reading of
> the XSL and CSS rules for table width calculation. In general, XSL
> Formatter gives what I would consider to be the correct result when
> there is variance with XEP's results (I've identified those places where
> XSL Formatter appears to be in error).

XEP only supports fixed table layout. When auto is specified, it is ignored
and treated as fixed. In addition, XEP balances columns if column widths
are not specified, as well as implements CALS table model through proportional-column-width.
See our tests and examples.

> Tables 1 and 2: Tables should be only as wide as required to contain
> text of narrowest column without wrapping, with other columns the same
> width. Thus the table should not be as wide as the body area.

This is only valid for 'auto' layout. For fixed layout, all column widths
must be specified. Unless they are, it is not a valid markup, but XEP balances
columns. Since table-width is auto and no column widths are specified table-width
is calculated as a block-container's content-width.

> Table 6: Table should only be as wide as required to contain the cell
> content, not body-wide.

XEP supports layout="fixed"; in addition, CALS model is supported thought

> Table 13: Caption isn't kept with table body.

Thank you for the report; we forgot to specify keep-with-next for table-caption.
Will be fixed in the next release by the end of this week (along with other changes, new
features and fixed).

> Table 14: XEP's response to limited horizontal width in this case is not
> what I would prefer. I think XSL Formatter's response in this case is
> more appropriate, especially given the presence of punctuation in the
> text (e.g., "-").

-<alphanumeric> is not a Unicode line break point. A formatter should
not break lines based on common sense. To achieve the desired behaviour,
either allow hyphenation (it is disabled by default) or insert a zero-width
space where a line break is allowed. A dash does not trigger line-break condition
according to Unicode.

David Tolpin
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