[xep-support] Implication of reference-orientation on simple-page-master

From: W. Eliot Kimber (eliot@isogen.com)
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 13:49:44 PST

I put together a little test file to try to better understand how
reference-orientation on a page master interacts with
reference-orientation on contained blocks. When I format this doc with
XSL Formatter I get a different result than I do with XEP.

With XEP, reference-orientation on simple-page-master rotates the before
edge of the page relative to the viewer's absolute top orientation. That
is, an orientation of 90 results in a "landscape" page where the before
edge of the page is on the absolute left and the contained text on the
page is normally oriented WRT to the before edge (that is a normal
8.5x11 inch portrait page is just rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise
when viewed with Acrobat). By contrast, XSL Formatter leaves the page
orientation unchanged (before edge is still at absolute top) but rotates
the page content 90 degrees. By same token if the page orientation is 90
and the flow contains block with an orientation of -90, then I get the
expected "landscape" page where the text is horizontal relative to
absolute top (as if the page dimensions were 11x8.5).

Interestingly, if I put the reference-orientation="-90" on the flow and
not on the contained block, then the text of the block is *not* rotated
back into horizontal (that is, the -90 rotation isn't applied to the
block in the flow). However, the XEP validator does not complain about
the doc.

My reading of the FO spec suggests that the XEP implementation is the
correct one but my understanding is still dim enough that I'm not sure.

Can y'all shed some light?



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