[xep-support] Duplicating footnotes

From: Anthony Jones (anthony@qtac.edu.au)
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 15:56:11 PDT

I am trialling your XEP product, and so far it is the best XSL-FO formatter
that I have tried. There is one problem (and this is true of all XSL-FO
formatters), whenever I have more than one reference to the same footnote on a
single page, the footnote entry is duplicated at the bottom of the page.
Because I generate the FO file via XSLT, there is no way to know what page you
are on, so whenever I get a tag that requires a footnote, I put in the
appropriate XSL-FO tags for the footnote. Is there any way to give a footnote
a unique ID to say that each ID should only appear once on each page. I can
send you an example (of the FO document and the PDF document) if you like.

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