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From: David Tolpin (
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 00:46:29 PDT

> Scale-to-fit is meant to tackle this sort of problem. Can you at least
> answer me this: Is RenderX planning to implement support for scale-to-fit
> in the near future or is it some sort of principle not to implement this
> feature?

scale-to-fit means 'stretch to viewport size'. It is definitely not what you
describe. When corresponding height/width is specified, content-height/content-width
are the same as height/width. When it is not, content-height/content-width remain
unchanged since viewport's size is determined from image's contents.

The current recommendation does not address the problem you describe. Whatever FOP
implements, it may not address your problem either if it is compliant.

XEP does not implement scale-to-fit since printed medium, such as pdf, does no normally
use scrolling windows to display images, thus the notion of viewport is not really usable.

Use content-width, content-height instead, along with content-type.

Again, scale-to-fit does not apply to viewport size, it only changes scaling of the image.
Viewport dimensions are still to be either set explicitely or calculated based on the image's
dimensions. XEP relies on content-height/content-width values for images. We can add handling
of block-progression-dimension/inline-progression-dimension, but will add nothing but mess
to the model for printed media.

David Tolpin
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