[xep-announce] New product: DB2XML... Currently free!

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Tue Oct 11 2011 - 06:34:22 PDT

Dear list subscribers,

RenderX, Inc., (http://www.renderx.com) is pleased to inform you about a
new product's availability - DB2XML 1.0 is now released.

DB2XML (http://www.renderx.com/tools/db2xml.html) is an excellent
product for those who need simple, yet very high-performance solution
for transforming data from relational databases (such as Oracle
Database, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL) and CSV (Comma Separated
Values) files to XML. It maps data to certain XML nodes and attributes.
DB2XML has a powerful and easy-to use graphical user interface (GUI) to
specify data sources, define data mapping rules, and generate XML files.

DB2XML has a one-click option for creating VisualXSL
(http://www.renderx.com/tools/visualxsl.html) projects (such as
statements, reports, bills, personalized marketing materials, etc.) and
can be used as an XML generator for VDPMill

DB2XML can be used as a standalone product as well, yet official support
is limited only to the users that use DB2XML as an add-on to VDPMill and

DB2XML is currently free for download. You can download
(http://www.renderx.com/download/index.html) the full version of DB2XML,
as well as trial copies of VDPMill and VisualXSL, from the download section.


Michael Sulyaev
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