[xep-announce] ANN: RenderX announces first release of VisualXSL.

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 07:26:59 PDT

Dear list subscribers,

RenderX, Inc., (http://www.renderx.com) is pleased to inform you about a
new product's availability - Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) 1.5 is now released.

The Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) application dramatically simplifies visual
design of printable layouts that populate form-like documents with XML
data. A PDF file or a raster image, such as a scan of a preprinted form,
can be used as a layout's background. The resulting XSLT stylesheet that
merges the layout and the XML data to produce XSL FO can be used for
creation of PDF or PostScript print files using RenderX's XEP XSL FO
formatter. The resulting printable output may contain the imported
background, or the background may be omitted for print on preprinted
forms. The separation of the document into the static content and
variable data delivers a significant boost in rendering productivity
compared to the traditional rendering approach.

The Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) application is a powerful tool that can be
used in all business applications where forms need to be filled in. Mass
generation of form-style documents, such as statements, bills, invoices,
standard forms, application forms, etc., or direct mail are examples of
ideal applications for Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) 1.5.

The main features of Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) are:
* Easy-To-Use Layout Designer
Design your complex forms quickly and easily with the intuitive GUI.
Just drag and drop data fields directly onto the layout designer. A
user-friendly and intuitive Windows GUI was specifically designed for
non-technical users.

* What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) At any moment, you can use the
preview window to see the final formatted document.

* No Knowledge of XSLT Stylesheets or Programming Is Required The use of
Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) does NOT require special training on XSLT
stylesheets, XSL-FO, or programming.
You can easily arrange static and dynamic elements in the layout pane,
according to the XML document structure, its fields and data.
Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) processes the designed layout and produces XSLT
stylesheet to work with RenderX's XEP XSL FO formatter.

* High-Speed Document Generation
The stylesheet generated by Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) for rendering your
designed document is specifically optimized for high-performance XSL FO
formatter. With this stylesheet, the RenderX XEP formatter provides
high-speed of the PDF (or PostScript) document generation.

* Single- and Multi-Page Forms Support
Single- as well as multipage forms can be filled with data.

* Different Types of Data Fields
Various types of data controls are available to be put onto the form
layout: dynamic text, check marks, images, barcodes, address labels,
paragraph blocks, and more.

* Conditional Rendering
Every data field has a special "visibility" property that can be set to
control rendering under certain conditions.

* XPath Validation
Almost all XPath expressions are created automatically when you drag and
drop an XML tree node onto the layout designer. For fine-tuning purpose,
however, you can manually customize data retrieval process by modifying
XPath expressions. The Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) application validates all
XPath expressions and informs you about any errors.

* Docking Windows
Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) features a docking window interface. You can dock
and undock the application's windows to create the optimal workspace

For more information, please visit our web site:
and our web site for Visual-XSL (VisualXSL):

Evaluation Version Is Now Available
RenderX invites you to download the evaluation version of Visual-XSL
(VisualXSL) 1.5, so that you can see for yourself just how easy it is to
use this software for your needs. Please visit our Web site and try it!

Additional Information
* XEP XSL FO Formatter version 4.10 or later is required for PDF
production. Please refer our Web site for the system requirements of the
XEP XSL FO formatter:

* Any browser-compatible PDF viewer is required for viewing generated
PDF documents.

Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev, mailto:msulyaev@renderx.com
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