[xep-announce] XEP 4.3 released: important notice

From: Alexander Peshkov <peshkov@renderx.com>
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 14:37:31 PDT

Dear list subscribers,

There is another important piece of new functionality that somehow
slipped from the announcement text - XEP 4.3 supports repeatable table
footers and honors 'table-omit-footer-at-break' property.
Since by default 'table-omit-footer-at-break' has value of 'false' all
the tables with footers and without explicit 'table-omit-footer-at-break'
specification will change their behavior to conformant one - they will
have table footers on every page.
For your convenience and in order to make smooth transition to the
new version we have added new XEP option OMIT_FOOTER_AT_BREAK that
allows you to restore older behavior for default cases (when table
footer was added once at the end of the table).
While this option allows you to avoid immediate stylesheets update we
strongly recommend to maintain desired footers behavior by explicit
specification of 'table-omit-footer-at-break' property.

Sorry for the duplicate announcement.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

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