[xep-announce] XEP 4.0 is released

From: Alexander Peshkov (peshkov@renderx.com)
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 01:48:03 PDT

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    Dear XEP-announce subscribers,

    Trial edition of XEP 4.0 engine is available for download. This is a
    new XEP release that has a lot of new functionality and improvements:

    New features
    1. XEP 4.0 uses a single configuration file for all subcomponents:
    formatter options, fonts, and hyphenation are now configured from
    a single location. Font aliases can depend on the language setting and
    resolve to multiple font families.

    2. Table processing is now fully conformant to the XSL Recommendation.
    Added support for automatic table width adjustment (table-layout="auto")
    and collapsed table borders.

    3. Additional prepress features are supported: spot and registration
    colors; bleeds and trim offsets; creation of advanced printer marks
    with SVG.

    4. More SVG features are supported: clipping implementation now
    supports arbitrary combination of path, shapes, and text; added
    fill-opacity and stroke-opacity support in PDF 1.4 output.

    5. Improvements in font handling:
       - TrueType collection fonts supported in PDF;
       - Added limited support for OpenType fonts with CFF outlines;
       - Implemented automatic font slanting;
       - Basic support for ligaturization.

    Other Improvements
    If necessary XEP can work without write access to local file system by
    storing all intermediate files in memory. Table processing speeded up,
    memory consumption reduce. Documentation rearranged and refactored.
    Interface Changes
    Deprecated Java interfaces have been removed, enriched interfaces of
    FormatterImpl and Validator classes.

    Bug fixes
    Inline keep conditions work on rx:index-item elements.

    XEP distribution now includes XEP Assistant, a graphical configuration a
    and formatting tool.

    You can download XEP 4.0 Trial version at http://www.renderx.net/Content/download/
    Other new RenderX products will be available soon. Please follow the

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

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